Thursday, July 2, 2020

The Pain of Living

This is a continuation of my previous post "Just Stop Trying Already"

I went to the doctor to have some moles checked out today. And sitting/lying there as he is giving me needles with anesthesia, I suddenly became ‘painfully’ aware of how ‘pain’ is such a gruesome, yet everyday part of our reality.  And how some people go through unspeakable pains and physical suffering, due to getting sick in some way. And how I probably at some point as well will have to face unimaginable physical suffering. I mean I can only ‘imagine’ what death must feel like when all your organs are shutting down and you feel the life leave your body.

That kind of pain is something that I have been fortunate enough to have sort of been sheltered from throughout my life so far. But it’s certainly PAIN which brings the awareness into the body and in a not-so-nice way forces you to see what is REAL. When you are in physical PAIN, suddenly all your fears and anxieties and all your thoughts and emotional states magically fall away. Suddenly all of that becomes entirely irrelevant. Because it is. None of that has anything to do with actual reality whatsoever.

You become aware that you are just a physical being and that all that matters is the physical body and whether it is taken care of. And PAIN shows that we don’t actually take care of the physical reality. PAIN is a consequence of the fact that we, as humanity, have always placed the physical body’s importance inferior to for example our mind. Our emotions and feelings and our fears and thoughts and whatever it is that occupies our mind. Whatever it is we BELIEVE to be of the utmost importance. Until PAIN comes along and shows us BEYOND a doubt that it is not.

We could be living forever. We could have found the antidote for pain. We could be existing without physical suffering of any form in this world. But our priorities always lay elsewhere. We rather used and abused the physical body, and this physical reality, for the sake of our MIND. For the sake of getting to experience whatever made us feel important and special in our MIND. And then we have pain, and illness and disease, and death – to remind us that at the end of the day, who we believe we are and what we believe to be real in our mind is not what matters. It never mattered. But now it is too late.

Now we have to face and deal with pain. Each and every single one of us. I will face it. And you will face it. It is our consequence, for having taken this physical existence for granted. We’ve only created more and more and more pain and suffering, instead of finding ways to make it less and ensure that life on earth is as little suffering as possible.

And we thought we could get away with it. With, oh maybe if we just direct all the suffering to some people, so that a select few can experience relative comfort with less suffering. Where some people in this world will suffer in unspeakable ways, and nobody cares, while others live in comfort and luxury and have enough money to have their physical body taken care of. But at the end of the day we face the same reality. One wherein every physical system has been greatly neglected and taken to it’s worst, most inferior possible form. So at the end of the day we all suffer, because we did not consider equality. And we did not consider what is best for all. Or what even fucking makes sense.

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