Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Who am I as a COACH?

This is a continuation of my previous blog "The Origin of Stupidity"

With having a look today at the word ‘coach’, as in being a ‘life coach’ or in my case a ‘SELF coach’, what initially came up for me is that to be a coach is to assist and support other people with living words and basically like ‘setting goals’ and reaching those goals. But then I realized, with the support of life coach Joe Kou and Maite Zamora Moreno from Space of Grace, that I was missing the most important factor within that definition: me.

And it’s a theme within my life, in how I define and approach things. That I tend to disregard myself within things and more look at who and what and how I must be for ‘other people’ and ‘the world out there’. That I for example don’t take a word like ‘coach’ and ask myself how I can live the word FOR ME. Not for others, but for and as me.

Only when I considered this, and looked at the word again, did I realize that actually how I want to live the word COACH is within simply creating and holding a ‘space’ for myself, and others as myself, to RELAX. To unconditionally be able to let go of everything of this world. Everything of what and who and how you believe you ‘have to’ be, and have, if even just one moment to just let it all go and relax and connect with yourself. Cause at the end of the day that is what actually matters. That’s what’s really important and that’s essentially what my coaching is all about anyways. To be who you really are, which starts with letting go of everything that you’re not. With relaxing and letting go and having that ‘space’ or ‘safe haven’ to just ‘be’.

That definition makes a lot more sense to me, and includes what I actually stand for and who I am and what’s important to me, and what I thus also want to ‘transfer’ or support others with, similarly to how I’m supporting myself with it. As I also realized that I must be my own coach first and foremost. Give myself that space to unconditionally relax and let go of everything that is of the ‘system’. All the fears and stress and worries and ‘have to’s’ and expectations and obligations. Give myself just moments of allowing myself to just ‘be’, and connect with who I really am inside. Moments which will over time accumulate and build into eventually being able to always just ‘be’, and be constantly ‘relaxed’.

So I guess in a way to be a ‘coach’ is like being a ‘couch’. A place where you can sit down for a moment, get comfortable, relax, sink into it, let go, have just that moment of relaxation and knowing that ‘everything is alright’ and it’s safe to just get comfortable and let go. Or even also like ‘flying coach’, in terms of just focusing on the ‘basics’, and not bothering with all the ‘excess’ stuff within and of the mind. Like all the thoughts and stress and fears and worries, etcetera. But just getting down to the ‘basics’ of who you actually really are underneath it all, when you let go of everything you believe you have to be.

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