Thursday, March 5, 2020

No More Excuses

This is a continuation of my previous post "Give Me SEX!"

So with reading a color for ‘the universe’ yesterday, I had to come to terms with and face the EXCUSES that I have been using and hiding behind all this time to not simply change. To not simply be and stand as what I know is the best version of me.

Because the thing is that, in every moment I am actually always aware of what the best version of me is. But yet I accept something that’s less than that. Because of, ‘reasons’ lol. Because ‘I’m not ready to let go of the past’, ‘I still feel guilty about things’, ‘I need to forgive myself more’, ‘I need to understand myself better’ or ‘I’m still too deep into the mind’. All seemingly logical reasons for why I CAN’T stand as the best version of myself here in this moment. Why I can’t just make that decision that whatever ‘process’ I believed I still need to walk is DONE, and wherever I was walking towards is HERE.

Cause the thing is that you CAN actually make that decision. You are completely able and capable to unconditionally let go of the past in every moment and simply STAND as the best version of you. The only thing that’s standing in your way is your ‘reasons’, as your ‘excuses’ for why you APPARENTLY ‘can’t’. And it’s this ‘narrative’ in the mind which I have found sort of ‘difficult’ to just stop listening to. As in the ‘listening to’ it is just automatic. And it’s only once I read this color that I realized that ‘no, actually this reasoning in the mind is really just mind-programming designed to keep me down. Who I really am is the DECISION to change in just one moment’. It’s the ABILITY and CAPABILITY to say NO to what is not best, no matter what.

Reasons as excuses and justifications in the mind are mind-programming designed to make me believe that I am really actually powerless. That ‘for this and this and that reason’ I do not have the ability to decide who I am from moment to moment. I mean the mind is quite a magnificent creation in how it does this. In how it strips beings of their power, through nothing but BELIEF. In stopping you at every turn and having a program in place for every movement you make. To make sure that you are effectively and efficiently completely trapped in the mind, to the point that you BECOME the mind. But at the end of the day this is also one of those ‘reasons’ the mind would use. Just an excuse that you use and accept to not just stand up.

Cause an interesting thing is that these ‘programs’ in the mind are only effective and only ‘work’ because to an extent it was already existing within us on some level. We were in fact already ready and willing to not take responsibility for ourselves, so the mind just gave us an ‘excuse’ to abdicate responsibility, through programming that we’d accept and allow. So the ‘programming’ is just a more systematized version of who we already are inside ourselves. So that’s why we still do need to ‘face’ the programming and forgive it and stand one and equal with it. And why we do need to walk that process of forgiveness, taking responsibility for what the mind’s programming is showing us about who we really are inside. In terms of what already existed within us which we never took responsibility for.

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